2016 Season Team Expectations:

o One head coach per team (head coach is just designation for the main team contact for logistics/scheduling/commissioner meetings)
o 3-5 assistant coaches per team (help assistant coach with all activities)
§ Usual set-up for teams is 3-5 coaches per function (practice/game) with one in dugout and two coaches on field (1st & 3rd Base coaches)
o Minimum of one practice per week.
o Minimum of two practices prior to opening day (May 21)
o All coaches must complete Little League app, whether a new coach or a returning coach.


o Opening Day is May 21, 2016 for baseball and t-ball, with uniform distribution / league cookout on May 14. Head and Assistant coaches strongly recommended to attend uniform distribution day if available. (Softball Opening Day is May 7– see Softball page for more info.)

o Minor League games:
§ Mondays – 6:00 PM (Livingston & Altgeld)
§ Saturday – 11:00 (Livingston & Altgeld)

o Major League games:
§ Wednesdays – 6:00 PM (Livingston & Altgeld)
§ Saturday – 1:30 PM (Livingston & Altgeld)
o Playoffs start July 23
o Championships are July 30

Team Equipment:

o Each team will be given an equipment bag that has bats, balls, some gloves, throw down bases, first aid kit, and catchers gear.
o It is the head coaches responsibility that all equipment will be returned at the end of the season.
o The shed at Livingston will have cubbies that can house each team’s equipment bag if coach desires
§ This is to help with transporting the team bag, allow for assistant coaches to have access to bag if head coach is unavailable, etc.
§ The league intern will have the key to the shed, along with other board members
· The intern will have the shed open before all games, and can be reached via phone for ad-hoc events.
o Players will have the chance to purchase gloves for $10 throughout the season. Each player should be responsible for their glove. The league will only provide gloves on an emergency basis to players.

Player Rosters:

o Sign-ups for the league are officially open. Players can go to our "Registration" webpage to sign up or stop by Hope Academy for a paper form (also available for download on "Registration" webpage).
o League officials will be putting together teams and provide each head coach with a roster when filled.
o Rosters will be completed and finalized in mid May.

Report Card Pick-Up Day:

o If any coaches are available to help sign kids up on Report Card Pick-Up day at the surrounding schools, please reply to this email. League officials will be at the schools, but cannot cover all that are in our area. If you can come from anywhere between an hour to six, that would be great.
o The date is Wednesday, April 13 from Noon – 6PM

Next Coaches Meeting:

o Wednesday, March 23 at Chicago Hope Academy from 6:00 to 7:00pm